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EuroCool Air conditioning services

Air Conditioning for your business premises

Air Conditioning for shops, Hairdressers and beauty salons, dentists, doctor surgeries and restaurants and cafés –we can offer Air Conditioning solutions for your business however large or small.

Air Conditioning for shops

When selling to the public you need the right environment for them to be comfortable and enable them to dwell longer in your premises and make it more likely for them to purchase from you.

Make your shop more welcoming today with a dual purpose Air Conditioning unit which will offer you Air Conditioning in the summer months and heating in the winter. The perfect all-round solution at an affordable price.

Air Conditioning for Hairdressers, beauty salons, spas

When your customers come to have beauty treatments they want to feel comfortable and relaxed. The environment needs to be just right to create the right impression for your service. Many small salons advertise their Air conditioned status as an added benefit to booking with them. If your customers are happy and the environment is right they will return.

Air Conditioning for Restaurants and café’s.

Ensuring your restaurant and bar has the right temperature is essential to keeping your customers happy. It’s also important that the customer doesn’t feel like they have sat in the kitchen during their visit as they can smell all the kitchen smells. As well as keeping the right comfortable temperature, an adequate ventilation (air change) must also be provided, in order to extract cooking smells, and stale odours. This can all be done by the right Air Conditioning system.

EuroCool perform a site visit prior to works with you to ensure the right type of indoor units are selected, and that they are installed in locations which do not cause nuisance draughts, blowing cold air on to your customers whilst they are enjoying their meal.

Why have Air Conditioning installed?

  • To keep your environment at a comfortable level through all seasons so you never feel too hot or too cold. Air Conditioning units are dual function and offer heating as well as cooling. Most new units have an auto change-over switch so the unit will cool or heat as required.
  • Keeping the air pure is another benefit as most modern units are fitted with an anti-fungus filter to catch allergy causing mites and odours keeping the environment clean and like fresh air. Air is recirculated via filters in the Air Conditioning system to trap dust and pollens which in turn helps benefit people with allergies and respiratory problems.
  • In the hot summer months which are experiencing more often in the UK; office managers, shop and restaurant owners will be keen to keep their premises comfortable and inviting and a welcoming place from the sticky heat we get in the UK. A good modern eco-friendly Air Conditioning unit will always do the job.
  • Security is improved as doors and windows can be kept closed both keeping out unwanted opportunists and insects and external noise.
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