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EuroCool Air conditioning services

Which Air Conditioning system is right for you?

EuroCool will carry out a site survey prior to installation to discuss your needs and ensure you get the right system for your home or workspace. We work with the leading equipment manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Daikin, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Sanyo & LG.

Ceiling Cassette Split System
  • This type of system may have one or more indoor units connected to the outdoor unit.
  • This is mainly used for commercial premises such as offices, restaurants, doctors’ surgeries and medium-size shops.
  • The requirement of each room could differ; therefore you can select the most appropriate style of indoor unit for each room in the same premises.

Wall Mounted Split Systems
  • This system is suitable for small premises where a single room is to be air conditioned. It consists of an indoor unit which does the cooling and heating and is connected to a discrete outdoor unit.
  • There are several types of indoor units to choose from. For example, there are floor standing models, or wall-mounted units that occupy no floor space, and even discrete units that can be concealed behind ceiling panels. We can help you choose the best solution that meets your requirements and lay out of the room.

Multi Split or VRV/VRF Systems
  • These systems are ideal for larger premises, such as office suites or prestige apartments, where a number of indoor units serve separate living or working spaces.
  • They are connected to a bank of outdoor units or one large one, located either on the roof or in a central plant room serving the building.
  • Again, the requirement of each room could differ and the most appropriate size and style of each indoor unit can be chosen to suit each room.

Large Industrial Cooling
  • We offer professional cooling solutions for large industrial units such as data centres, server rooms, production, manufacturing and warehouses.
  • Please contact us if you require any further information on this bespoke service.